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Septic Tank Sewage Treatment Systems

Septic Tank Sewage Treatment Systems ( or septic tank systems as they are called in some parts of the world,) treat sewage at its location, rather than transporting the sewage to a sewer system or larger treatment system nearby. Because many septic tank systems throughout the world are not functioning properly, various laws have been passed to help prevent the serious environmental and human health problems they can cause.

Several Acts or Regulations, in different parts of the world set requirements for minimum treatment standards, new construction and replacement of systems. Some local jurisdictions require disclosure of system status and location upon property transfer, and may have stricter requirements. Therefore if you're not sure your system is in compliance with the law, check with your local government office.

Types of Septic Tank Systems

There are various types of septic systems. The most common type in a lot of countries consists of an underground septic tank of differing types, which then connects to a soil treatment system, usually a land drainage system or drainfield, a mound, or an at-grade system.

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